A perspective

Photography is all about staying creative. Creativity in photography provides an exceptionally great concept and makes the clicks worth the time and money. We hope there were photos of people changing the perspective and clicking, like the Paris tower pushing clicks.

There is much more tobe explored in the same concept,which when tried with more creative thinking, will be the best of all times. The logic is that the background will look much smaller than the foreground.

You don’t need any special equipment or any other props to get the clicks; all you need is the patience and thinking to try out. You can experiment as someone gulping in the sea, the sun. Orsomeone is trying the touch the bird, the aeroplane. All can be experimented but needs the correct timing, and that’s where the talent lies!

Outstanding, always

To get your creative skill going, we suggest a simple yet effective tip to try, that really works wonders. The simple logic is, always, “odd Man out”! So, among the similar kind of objects, place something that is irrelevant and unexpected, you stand out unique. So, that’s how a creative mind needs to be working! Come on, think over and find another quick tip as this!