Smartphones for Photography

Using smartphones for photograpgy

Smartphones are a part of our daily life, we sleep and wake up with them, and we spend most of the item with them. Well, coming to the actual part of the discussion, smartphones have made photos as a part of daily life, whereas earlier photos were only on occasions. These days, occasions are special because of the special clicks that we take, else it doesn’t matter!

So, for that photo crazy person, how do you click more photos, in a creative way that hasn’t been done by others? You know clicking like the pro, without the app and the DSLR? We are pretty sure that you are eager to know, here we go:

Ways to capture creative still using phones:

  • Use the posh or cheap sunglasses in front of the camera lens to work as a polarised filter. You get a wow image!
  • Make a pinhole out of a cardboard and click through it, to get that olden click effect.
  • Why not try with frames? But, you need anapp? No! you don’t need an app for this, cut out a real frame, a small one and place it over the object and click! See the miracle happen in next few minutes!
  • Try a helium balloon to work as a drone and capture pics from the top view, well you can use the timer app if you have.

Give them a try!